Improve the Quality of your X-Rays

The Larsen Filtration System is the most complete, easiest, and least expensive x-ray filtration system available. It significantly reduces exposure while providing greater diagnostic quality and a more uniform radiograph. Any doctor can mount the system to their collimator in under two minutes with no drilling or tools required. Once mounted it can be removed or reattached instantly due to its velcro mounting. Film setups take less than 15 seconds and the film quality achieved is unmatched in diagnostic detail. Patient radiation dose is significantly reduced and film densities are consistent throughout. No more burnout or underexposure. Conventional methods expose thinner anatomy to unnecessary radiation dose and degrade the image quality. This phenomenon is completely eliminated with the six tiered variable filter, overexposure to both patient and film is no longer a problem.

The Larsen Filtration System is the only complete system that comes with every shield and filter needed for full spine and sectional spinal radiographs taken at 40, 72, and 84 inch focal film distances. Other systems cost more than twice the price, must be bolted to the collimator and are cumbersome at best. This system eliminates the need for expensive gradient and ineffective split screens. No lines are seen because uniform speed screens are used and the filtration is progressive. The FDA and Center for Devices and Radiological Health(CDHR) have issued strong warnings against excessive radiation exposure. It is imperative that the dose administered to the breast as well as to other radio sensitive organs, such as thyroid, gonads and active bone marrow be as low as possible. The CDRH further reports significant exposure reductions to breasts when using filters and shields. A greatly improved image quality of the upper spine is also achieved.

This system was designed by a chiropractor for chiropractors. You protect your patients from unnecessary radiation exposure, improve the quality of your films and limit your liability... an unbeatable combination.

If you have ever been unhappy with the quality of your films, you need this system.

Introducing The Larsen Filtration System

  1. Reduce patient exposure
    Selectively and progressively attenuates and shields X-ray exposure to patients.
  2. Saves time
    Takes less than 15 seconds per view to setup.
  3. Reduces retakes and spot shots
    Full spine and sectional films are uniform throughout.
  4. Eliminates burnout and under exposure
    Maintains optimal range of film density even with large differences in body thickness.
  5. The only complete system
    Contains every shield and filter needed for 40", 72", 84" sectional and full spine views.
  6. Reduces liability
    Allows shielding of anatomy not pertinent to study. i.e. View only spine and pelvis.
  7. Save money and improve quality
    This system eliminates the need for expensive gradient speed and ineffective split screens. Film quality and readability is improved with no lines.
  8. Mounts in two minutes to collimator
    The entire system mounts with a velcro system. No drilling, screws or tools required.
  9. Costs less
    The system costs less than 50% of other systems.
  10. Specific to patients' body types
    Six thickness options. Not the three offered by other systems.

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