"The Best X-Rays They Have Ever Taken"

This is what doctors are saying about the Larsen Filtration System.

"The Larsen Filtration System is the best I have ever seen. The quality of my films are superb. I can now see every vertebrae with clarity and detail. Not to mention the ease and speed at which the system is used. The Larsen Filtration System puts confidence back into taking films. I am finally able to take chiropractic x-rays."

Dr. Eric McKillican, D.C., stated:

"Finally, a much needed x-ray system that works for chiropractors..... I no longer cringe when I have to send out x-rays. Thanks to Dr. Larsen for the confidence I now have in my x-rays. I've used other systems and the Larsen Filtration System is faster, easier and yields the best films I've taken in 10 years of practice."

Dr. James Urban, D.C., remarked:

"The system works with sectional and full spine films. If you have ever taken films with over or under exposed vertebra, you need this system."

You owe it to yourself and your patients to take the highest quality films possible. The system comes complete with every shield and filter necessary for all focal film distances. It mounts to your collimator with velcro in under two minutes and requires no drilling or tools. The best x-rays you have ever taken; reduced patients exposure; and the least expensive complete system make an unbeatable combination.

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