FDA Warning
FDA Issues Strong Warning Against
Excessive Radiation Exposure

FDA and specialized chiropractic radiography studies focus in on the exposure problem and find a solution... Compensation filters effect a dramatic reduction in radiation exposure!

Whether you are taking full spine (14"x36") or sectional (14"x17") spinal radiographs, the facts are in... tests conducted by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) prove compensation filters and breast shields significantly reduced exposure while providing a more uniform radiograph. The CDRH reports exposure reductions of about 80% to the skin of the breast when using filtration and shields for AP projections, and a greatly improved image quality of the upper spine. Further exposure reductions, of about 50%, was achieved using fast rare-earth intensifying screen-film combinations.

During sectional "area of concern" spinal radiography, (as well as full-spine radiography), it is URGENT that the dose administered to the breast as well as other radiosensitive organs, such as thyroid and active bone marrow, be as low as possible.

The Larsen Filtration System provides filtration and shielding which protects your patients from excessive radiation exposure. It allows you to achieve unmatched image quality with greatly enhanced diagnostic detail.

Potential Breast Exposure Reduction (A-P projection)

Method Exposure Reduction
Rare Earth Film/Screen 2-6x
Compensating Filter 2-5x
Breast Shield 3-10x
Total 10-350x

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FDA Warning
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